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Hurricane damage on a residential roof in Smyrna, GA

As a resident of Smyrna you should be familiar with the potentially devastating effects of hurricanes in the area. All of a sudden the most secure homes become vulnerable to damage out of anyone’s control. Rainout Roofing are Smyrna locals who themselves are familiar with the roofing issues that result from hurricane activity.

Homeowners can count on Rainout Roofing to identify the damage, advise on next steps, whether that be repairs, restoration or a full replacement, and fast and efficient service at that! If your home has experienced storm damage like  hurricane damage, don’t delay and get your local roofing experts to assess the situation immediately.

Potential Problems Caused by Hurricane Damage

The impact of hurricane damage can take various forms, some cases more extreme than the next.


Rainout Roofing has witnessed many instances where a hurricane completely annihilates the roof, leaving no alternative but to replace the roof in its entirety. Catalysts for this include a lack of maintenance and repairs over the years, making the roof even more vulnerable in harsh weather.

Falling debris could also be responsible for the destruction of one’s roof. With some hurricanes tearing down everything in its path, there’s a big chance that flailing tree limbs or poles could find a landing on your home’s roof.


In the case of shingles, the violent winds of hurricanes can cause a loss of granules, which exposes the coating to external elements, thereby catalysing the roof’s aging. More extreme hurricanes could result in cracked or entirely missing shingles, putting your roof in a weak position. This is why it should be repaired by roofing experts as soon as possible, to save the homeowner in the long run.


With all the potential damage suffered on the surface of the roof, in extreme cases of hurricane damage there is bound to be water infiltration in the house. Remember that hurricanes comprise of heavy winds along with heavy rains, and once the roof is compromised, the downpours can easily cause flooding in the home.

The total cost of flooding is really unprecedented. As water contacts components of your home, it may warp them or cause wood to rot, in addition to disrupting electric circuits and the proper functioning of the home. It signals to the urgency of getting a local roofing contractor in to assess the damage immediately.

Our Services

At Rainout Roofing, our services help you alleviate issues related to hurricane damage. We offer a full spectrum of hurricane damage-related services, including:


Roof hurricane damage is often hard to detect. That’s why it can be useful to have a roofing professional carry out a full inspection. If you’ve experienced a hurricane recently, our team can carry out a comprehensive inspection to determine if any damage has occurred to your roofing components, and what needs to be done to repair it.


If damage does occur, Rainout Roofing can provide professional and affordable repair services to restore your home’s roof to an optimal condition. We’ll start by ensuring the home is guarded against any water penetration. Next, we’ll begin the process of repairing it, which includes all the nooks and crannies on the surface of the roof.


If you have an insurance policy on your home, it may cover the cost of repairing hurricane damage. Roof hurricane damage claims can often be complex, and you’ll need to prove that the hurricane is responsible for the damage to your roof. We help our clients throughout the claims process to ensure they receive the money they’re owed from their insurance company. If your insurance policy covers your roof, make sure to declare this to our repair specialist when you get in contact with our team.

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Hurricane damage to roofing components is a major issue. It’s essential to get in touch with a team of local roofing experts as soon as possible. Rainout Roofing’s years of experience treating roof hurricane damage in Smyrna means you’re in good hands for fast and efficient service.
If you’ve experienced hurricane damage, get in touch with Rainout Roofing today—we provide free quotes and inspections, even in emergency situations.

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