3 Problems Smyrna Homeowners Have With Their Roofs

Mar 18, 2021Blog, Roof Problems, Smyrna

Roofing systems develop problems over time, even in Smyrna. If they didn’t, we wouldn’t be in business, but what are the most common roofing problems for our customers?

Weather creates many of the problems we deal with because wind can rip shingles off and bring trees down. However, small animals nesting in the soffits of your house is also a hassle once they’ve made themselves comfortable. Finally, torn up shingles and nesting animals can cause holes to form in your roofing, compromising its integrity. This can also lead to leaking as soon as the rains come.



Weather is the leading cause of most of our customers’ roofing problems. Smyrna sees all types of weather: rain, hail, severe storms and tornadoes. And each type poses unique challenges for roofing.

High winds are the most destructive. Not only can wind tear up the shingles on your roof and create exposed patches that let in water, but high wind can bring down heavy branches and create actual holes in your roof. Damage from falling branches or trees is a huge problem that homeowners need to take care of immediately—but high winds aren’t the only weather-related problem we deal with yearly.

Heavy rains exploit weaknesses in the roofing and expand small cracks into severe issues if they’re left untreated. If you’re suddenly experiencing leakage from your roof where you didn’t before, there’s a good chance that a small leak has expanded into a big one so make sure to call your trusted Smyrna roofer as soon as possible.


Nesting Animals

Like people, small animals need a place to live that is warm and dry so they can raise their little offspring in peace and security. Unfortunately, animals like birds and squirrels often choose roofing soffits to make your home into their home. They find a weak spot in the soffit, climb in, and start building generations of families.

It might sound cute to have animals building families in the eaves of your roofing, but it’s very destructive. Moisture exploits the holes they leave behind, which causes them to rot and weaken. The bedding and waste they create also erodes your insulation and can cause leaking.


Poor Ventilation

Ventilation problems usually come about as a result of an inexperienced or lazy contractor who installed the roof in the first place. If even the smallest details of a good roofing job are not strictly followed, it can lead to poor ventilation. The roof is not just there to divert rain, hail, and heat. It also keeps the house as air-tight as possible.

If done incorrectly, this could lead to leaks in the roof that allow air to slip out, decreasing the air quality and rising power bills. Over time, this could lead to structural damage as the inside of the house begins to affect the quality of the roofing materials from underneath.

These are all serious issues that we deal with every year. If you think that you might have any of these issues, call Smyrna’s roofing expert, Rainout Roofing. One of our representatives will be happy to assess the situation.